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Mozonte Filter

Finca Un Regalo de Dios (literally “A Gift from God”) is located in the Mozonte Municipality of Nueva Segovia, on the northern border of Nicaragua. In this region, some of the finest coffees are produced, such as those coming from or this Finca. Out of curiosity, both are run by Luis Alberto Balladarez Moncada, a real inspirer and pursuer of specialty coffee. 

Balladarez Family is keeper of coffee knowledge for three generations. Un Regalo de Dios  is a farm from the Balledarez family behind Las Segovias Mill. This Finca sits at an altitude of 1350 – 1700 meters above sea level. Luis Alberto together with his family and his son manages the farm. 

In total, the farm is 72 hectares, of which around 52ha are planted in coffee where Luis grows the following varieties: Red & Yellow Catuai, Pacamara, Maracaturra, Java, Bourbon, Catimore, and some Hybrids. The clouded forest around creates a micro-climate with temperatures ranging from 10 to 16 degrees Celsius.  

The secret of Luis Alberto to deliver excellent and consistent cups is the extreme care for the coffee processing. In other words, Luis Alberto is obsessed with coffee quality and with every detail in each step, from the harvest to the process into the dry mill to the cupping lab. 

The main difference with the other farms are closed environment where to dry coffee, shade nets and quite low temperature. Luis Alberto and his staff have one main strategy: keeping as stable as possible the conditions of the coffee during its processing. 

The honey processed coffee and naturals from this farm are dried from 25 to 35 days at about 30 degrees – natural coffees are dried with the coffee cherry on the beans, which provides a dense fruity flavor to the coffee bean. 

Mozonte Filter

Mozonte Filter

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Mozonte Filter
Region Nueva Segovia
Farmer Luis Alberto Balladarez
Elevation 1550-1800 masl.
Variety Red Catuai
Process Natural
Flavour Notes Tropical fruits and berries
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Brew Guide

Grind Size

Grind size is important and varies from grinder to grinder. Below we suggest a rating from 1 to 10. 1 = extremely fine, too fine. 10 = very coarse, too coarse.

Pour-Over with Filter (V60/Chemex)

Coffee Grind 6-7

We use 15 grams of coffee with 250 grams of 95 degree water.

Wet the filter with hot water and discard the water.

Pour 40 grams of water onto the coffee to bloom and give the brewer a gentle swirl, wait 30 seconds

Add another 40 grams of water and give it another gentle swirl, wait 30

Slowly add 85 grams more water and give another gentle swirl

Finally slowly add the remainder water and give a final gentle swirl

The water should filter through and have a flat base of coffee with only
fines stuck to the upper filter wall.

Aeropress (non inverted)

Coffee Grind 5-6

We use 15 grams of coffee with 200 grams of 95 degree water.

Add the coffee to the AeroPress, then pour all the water to the AeroPress and give it a quick swirl with a spoon.

Put the AeroPress plunger into the top of the AeroPress about 1 cm and then pull back slightly to create a vacuum.

Let the coffee steep for 1:30.

Slowly plunge the AeroPress for 30 seconds ending at a total brew time of 2 minutes.

Moka Pot

Coffee Grind 3-4

Depending on the size of the Moka pot will dictate how much coffee to use.

Boil some water in a kettle and warm your element to medium low.

Fill the Moka water chamber to just below the steam spout with your
boiled water, make sure not to cover it.

Place the coffee in the basket and level it off, do not pack it down.

Place the basket in the Moka pot and screw the lid on.

Place the Moka pot on the element and open the lid of the Moka pot.

Let the coffee brew and it will rise to the upper chamber and make a
hissing sound when it is done.

Remove it from the element, close the lid and serve.

French Press

Coffee Grind 8-9

We use 75 grams per litre (depending on the size of your French Press).

Put the coffee on the French Press.

Pour the required amount of 95 degree water and let it steep for 4

Use a spoon to break the crust and let the coffee fall to the bottom of
the vessel.

Put the French press lid on and only plunge to the top of the water.

Let the coffee steep for another 5 minutes.

Push down the plunger ¾ of the way, never touching the coffee bed on
the bottom.

Pour your coffee.


Coffee Grind 2-3

Depending on your basket size will depend on the amount of coffee to use.

We use 18 grams of coffee to yield about 36 grams of coffee.

Your brew should take between 27-33 seconds to pour according to your taste preference. The longer amount of time the more extracted and possibly bitter it could be. The shorter amount of time could result in under-extracted, lighter body and possibly sour tasting coffee.